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Remote work set

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Enthrall your employees/clients with our practical gift set to uplift their experience of working from home in this new digital age!



1. Webcam cover x 1
2. Cablestand x 1
3. Laptop cooler x 1
4. Posture corrector x 1

Webcam cover
Description: Protection against possible video surveillance from hackers. This ultra-thin webcam cover slides easily over your camera ensuring that it wont be used as a surveillance tool against you. Easy to apply and remove from the device without leaving any trace.

Dimensions: 0.9cm x 1.85cm x 0.07cm

Description: 3 in 1 charging cable, (USB, type C, Micro, Lightning) with phone stand

Output: 2A
Dimension: 1M (Length)

Laptop cooler
Description: Circulate excess heat dissipation from your laptop with this quiet laptop cooler. High-quality metal mesh and ABS material, crush-resistant and impact resistant.

Black color/ 6 quiet cooling fans/ Dual usb port, 3 wind speed adjustable, blue led light, portable cooler pad with LCD screen

Dimensions: 37.5cm x 28.5cm x 2.4cm

Posture Corrector
Description: Comfortable, adjustable and easy to use. Relieve pain, recover health and regain body shape. Breathable washable material to help you to stay cool while ensuring that posture is correct. Wear it for 1 to 2 hours a day and feel the difference!

1 review for Remote work set

  1. Tricia Wong

    Fast delivery, good customer service!

    My client was pleasantly surprised by this practical and thoughtful gift!

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