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Grabble Handle

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Reusable, Foldable, Antibacterial handle for commuters’ use while commuting, in gyms or even grocery shopping. Infused with nano-silver to eliminate bacterial count when getting in contact with contaminated surfaces.

SGS Lab-tested and proven to eliminate bacteria.



Check out our latest antibacterial product!
Most commuters touch surfaces such as poles, handles, escalator handrails, car door handles when commuting. Keep the bacteria count low with our antibacterial handle that is infused with nanosilver. This amazing product is washable, reusable and foldable! Light enough for students to bring it with them.

Logo customizable available for orders above 300pcs

1 review for Grabble Handle

  1. Kimberly

    Convenient for use while commuting in public transport. Received the item 3 days from the time I ordered. Thank you!

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