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Commute with care set

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Commuting gifts set that people unequivocally used! Wellness as a priority for all who commute everywhere & anywhere. Our commute with care gift set upkeeps your welfare.



1. Lifetime Antibacterial Reusable Mask x 1
2. Hand Sanitizer x 1
3. Grabble Handle x 1


Lifetime Antibacterial Reusable Mask
Description: Lifetime Antibacterial/ BFE >99%/ Adjustable Ear Loops/ Breathable/ Eco-Friendly/ Washable/ Anti Odour/ SGS & Intertek Certified

Hand Sanitizer with carabiner
Description: 70% of alcohol content gel sanitizer with carabiner for convenience of usage. Never forget to bring your sanitizer out again once hooked on to your bags.

Grabble Handle
Description: Reusable, foldable, antibacterial handle for commuters while commuting, in gyms or even grocery shopping. Lifetime Antibacterial/ Nano-silver technology/ SGS Certified

2 reviews for Commute with care set

  1. Leslie Chew

    Received my care set yesterday. Happy with the quality for all the items. If only the hand sanitizer had higher volume, that would have been perfect for me.

  2. Kenneth

    Very useful products and fast delivery. mask and the handle are very worth it as both has permanent antibacterial effect

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